On The Fly Database Connections With Laravel 5

Background I've been rolling my own CMS for production sites for the past year in Laravel 4. Each site currently has their own CMS/admin panel »

118 East 59th Street Registration Website

On March 15th, 2015 we released the registration website for a new apartment building in New York City. This new building will have 29 individual residences, »

Testing out HHVM

I've been looking into HHVM for quite some time now, but never actually used it. Today I'm going to try it out and see just how »

Accessing Hyperboria via your browser on OS X 10.10

In a previous post I explained a fix for accessing Hyperboria on OS X 10.9. After upgrading to OS X 10.10 I noticed that »

CSS Text Masking

I've recently come into a problem with CSS Text Masking. After doing some basic research I found that webkit browsers support background-clip: text even though there »