Crafting a Login Modal with Vuejs

A few weeks ago I started working on a sub project called LineLevel (more info to come when it's closer to alpha release), and I decided »

Creating Tips With Laravel 5

Laravel 5 defaults with a welcome page that displays an inpiring quote which inspired me to create an easy way to display tips (or hints) on »

DigitalOcean Finally Living Up To Their Name

Virtual Service Provider DigitalOcean is finally living up to their name. They announced today that they are opening their first underwater datacenter in Atlantis. This is »

On The Fly Database Connections With Laravel 5

Background I've been rolling my own CMS for production sites for the past year in Laravel 4. Each site currently has their own CMS/admin panel »

118 East 59th Street Registration Website

On March 15th, 2015 we released the registration website for a new apartment building in New York City. This new building will have 29 individual residences, »