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Accessing Hyperboria via your browser on OS X

Posted on 6 February 2014

This is a fix for OS X Mavericks

If you're reading this then there really are only three options to why you would be reading this:

  1. You have nothing better to do
  2. You're getting ready to install cjdns on OS X and someone sent you this link
  3. You just installed cjdns on your OS X machine and can't reach

If you're one of the last two, you're in luck! If you're the first one, just hang around for awhile. You might not know what Hyperboria is, so let me give you a few links to view!

Now that we have that out of the way, let's just get right to it and solve this problem! It doesn't matter if you do this before or after you install cjdns. Hell, even if cjdns is already running, this will fix it for you.

Step 1

Open up your System Preferences

System Preferences

Step 2

Go to Network


Step 3

Click Advanced...


Step 4

Click TCP/IP


Change Configure IPv6 from Automatically to Manually.

Step 5

Fill in details like so:


Step 6

Hit OK and then Apply

And you're done!


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