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Accelerate Networks Logo

Posted on 1 March 2015

I recently started working on creating and designing a website for a friend who is starting his own ISP in Seattle. Before I began to actually create the website I started off with making some rough designs. At first I was just asked to create a logo based on the name "Accelerate Networks" with no extra information of what it was for. Since I didn't have much to work on from the name alone, in roughly a half hour I came up with three super basic designs:

Design 1

Design 1

Design 2

Design 2

Design 3

Design 3

After sending those three designs I got some feedback and an explanation of what the name "Accelerate Networks" was going to be used for. After that I went back into Illustrator and found a list of fonts that I liked for the name.


From top to bottom here are the fonts in that image:

  • Phosphate Inline
  • Liberator Regular
  • Silom Regular
  • Code Light Regular
  • Manteka Regular
  • Orator Std Medium

After sending a screenshot of those fonts back we decided that Silom looked best for what this company is doing. Some feedback I recieved was that he wanted some color in the design because he initial designs were just black. So I tried out some colors:


I really liked the third (#32838E) seafoam-green color at first for the main text. After seeing the text and colors, another request was to make some sort of arrow to go along in the logo.

Seafoam green with arrows

When I started making the arrow, the first arrow seemed like a good idea until I made the second arrow. The second arrow just seemed to fit perfectly with the name accelerate.

We both agreed that the second arrow was nice, but the colors still weren't there yet.

Color choices

The middle blue really was easiest to choose for the main color. It just looked right; on the other hand, the arrow looked too flat.

Top Arrow Color Change

The orange that I was using in the previous image matched well with the blue, but making the top half of the arrow a lighter shade of that orange ended up being perfect.

Final Design

In the end I made three different logos for multiple purposes. The full logo which spells out "Accelerate" all the way, a middle logo which spells out "AN" for "Accelerate Networks" shortened, and a short logo with just an "A" for "Accelerate".

Accelerate Networks Logo

Accelerate Networks AN Logo

Accelerate Networks A Logo


I ened up using the font Silom Regular with -50 character tracking and "Optical" kerning.


There are three colors that I ended up using for the logo. I've proviced them as less variables below in hexadecimal colors.

@accelerate-blue:         #3279b2;
@accelerate-orange-light: #d37744;
@accelerate-orange-dark:  #bb6026;
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