Luke Evers

DigitalOcean Finally Living Up To Their Name

Posted on 1 April 2015


Virtual Service Provider DigitalOcean is finally living up to their name. They announced today that they are opening their first underwater datacenter in Atlantis. This is a long overdue datacenter that people have been waiting for since they formed back in 2011.

You can now create a new droplet and use the Atlantis (H2O) datacenter.

"We're very excited to be announcing a new region: Atlantis (Datacenter Abbreviation: H2O), submerged in the Straits of Gibraltar. This underwater datacenter will provide unparalleled connectivity to the surrounding countries like Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia."

I was one of the lucky few to create a droplet in this Atlantis region before the flood of requests came and they had to disable new droplet creations.


Since DigitalOcean is always concerned with security, they have made sure to hire the most experienced Shark Wranglers to protect the datacenter. I sent them a tweet letting them know how excited I was to launch my first H2O droplet, and they responded to reassure me that my data will be safe from the sharks.

After testing out my Atlantis droplet, I've come to the conclusion that this is going to be a much appreciated new region and will provide great access to the fish and dolphins in the surrounding area.

Not to mention the fact that DigitalOcean has singlehandedly found the Lost City of Atlantis. Archaeologists everywhere are rolling into the graves they have pre-dug.

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